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Franz Schönhofer franz.schoenhofer at
Thu Mar 8 16:47:53 CST 2007

Hi, everyone on RADSAFE,

Unfortunately the original message by Jaro has been lost on my computer.
Nevertheless I can confirm that according to our extremely anti-nuclear mass
media in Austria it was distributed, that 2000L of cooling water were
according to Czech authorities liberated by an open valve and were easily
collected in the recipient which had been provided to cover this case.
According to the Czech authorities and repeated by Austrian authorities and
mass media, no radioactivity was liberated. The first one to claim
radioactive contamination would in my opinion have been the Austrian mass
media, but it obviously was not the case. I wonder, how obviously US mass
media got the "radioactive contamination" from. I do not blame Mr. Perle,
because he simply copies mass media messages. However it was distributed in
Austrian mass media today, that a second release of cooling water to the
extent of 1 m3 occurred. But the coverage of this alleged release is very

The agreement (also called the "Melk protocol" for the beautiful place of
Melk with a great monastary above the Danube river) made between Austria and
the Czech Republic states that any "relevant event" in and around the
Temelin Nuclear Power Plant has to be notified for the Austrian authorities
within 72 (seventy two!) hours. This recent incident was only notified after
50 (fifty!) hours. The question is whether this incident would have been to
be notified at all according to the Melk Protocol. 

However: There seems to have no radioactive material been liberated. Nobody
was put at risk. However some groups had their propaganda. I have read that
some blockage of the transit stations between Austria and the Czech Republic
occured. I saw one picture on the internet, about 15 to 20 people blocking a
road in such a way, that any car could go across. I did not see any declared
anti-nuclear greens nor anybody from the multi-national concern Greenpeace
or the several Austrian counterparts like Global 2000 and other ones. 

These are the facts, contrary to the various mass media. 

Best regards,


Franz Schoenhofer, PhD
MinRat i.R.
Habicherg. 31/7
A-1160 Wien/Vienna

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Nuclear plant planning moves ahead

Awwright young man, you had better watch these embellishments or the 
atomic tooth fairy will smite thee with a blinding blue flash!!!!  And 
they might impound thy keyboard! Your behavior is being surveiled ....
Maury&Dog       (maurysis at

Franta, Jaroslav wrote:

>I can see the great newsworthiness of this story.....
>"About 2 000 liters of radioactive water leaked.... to a special tank
>through a special sewage system.... an open valve caused the leak."
>But I think that even with my amateurish journalistic talents, I could
>easily top that:
>"Tens of thousands of liters of radioactive water leaked for days.... from
>the reactor to a special steam 
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