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    And, thus, the delimma.  No one wants to look past their front doors and 
comfort zones.  Our international friends have been there and have done 
their work very well.  American medicine - mainstream and alternative - will 
always have difficulty with the radon therapy subject.   Our goal is to 
simply document the findings of the radon experience at the Free Enterprise 
Radon Health Mine at Boulder Montana USA.  It is our responsibility to do 
so, in so much as we can.  The challenge is in that the Free Enterprise is 
the only one in the entire American continent who has a stake in the 
conversation - unless you think, like we do, that the success of radon 
therapy could support the success of future very low dose x-radiation 
therapy; and the understanding of exposures to other LDR sources.   We 
wouldn't be this far if we hadn't snagged Barbra's efforts some years ago. 
And as noted by Jim - the work has been done.  We just need to bring that 
information to a broader (American) public.

I appreciate everyone's interest in following this subject.


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Jerry and friends,

Not only "eventually," it's been done.  See, e.g.,:


Not only is this an experiment identifying biological/physiological 
responses to radon therapy by our friend Yamaoka (who moved from very 
successful laboratory work that was being ignored by the drug-surgery 
committed medical community, to the Misasa Spa Hospital to treat patients), 
and this is a CLINICAL TRIAL, which ties these responses directly to 
clinical results in actual patients!

If the abstract isn't sufficient, this is an OPEN ACCESS paper.  Download 
it; read it.  (I've sent this before.)

Now, also click on "Related Articles" on the right.  Read these.  I've 
distributed some of these before also.

See also this paper, one of another clinical trial, from the Netherlands to 
the Heilstollen Radon Therapy Hospital at Bad Hofgastein, Austria:

You can also go in this direction:

See also the papers of our friend Dr. Falkenbach, the former attending 
physician at Heilstollen, which you can also see at:
(If you get a broken link, if it is to a doc at "cnts.wpi.edu," you can 
replace that with "radscihealth.org.")

Regards, Jim

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