[ RadSafe ] European Union (EU) Drinking Water Limit for Tritium

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Leo and others

I would like to know the answer also. Please respond to RadSafe.

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> Some questions for our European colleagues:
> I understand that the EU drinking water limits are based on an "indicator 
> dose" of 0.1 mSv/y, excluding tritium, K-40 and radon, and an indicator 
> parameter of 100 Bq/L for tritium.
> What is the basis for the 100 Bq/L value for tritium?  How was it derived? 
> Is it just an indicator that non-background sources are potentially 
> present?  Is there a readily-available citation that describes this?
> Also, if 0.1 mSv/y is just an "indicator dose", what is the EU dose limit 
> for drinking water?
> Feel free to respond directly to me.
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