[ RadSafe ] Depleted Uranium Found In Urine 20 Years Later

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Thu Oct 25 21:13:17 CDT 2007

Maury, List, 

I hope that Dan McCarren attends this Geology Conference in
Denver and goes to this presentation -- Parrish has worked
closely with Axel Gerdes who has worked closely with Asaf
Durakovic, so I really wonder if he is testing for DU or
testing for uranium and calling it DU.  I wonder what he
has done to show that this is not the case -- ie.  how many
non veterans has he tested using this procedure and what
were the results?  I have asked him, but thus far have not
had a reply.  Parrish's comment about aerosols in the
abstract makes me highly suspicious of his objectivity.

Roger Helbig

On Thu, 25 Oct 2007 07:13:43 -0500
 Maury Siskel <maurysis at peoplepc.com> wrote:
The rhythm continues ...

Contamination From Depleted Uranium Found In Urine 20 Years
Later (October 24, 2007) -- Inhaled depleted uranium oxide
aerosols are recognized as a distinct human health hazard
and depleted uranium has been suggested to be responsible
in part for illness in both military and civilian
populations that may have been exposed. ... > full story at
following link


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