[ RadSafe ] posting delays results in loss of continuity

Sandy Perle sandyfl at cox.net
Mon Oct 15 11:25:19 CDT 2007

While I do understand the reasons for reviewing posts to the forum, 
the result often is a disconnect in the thread due to timing of 
postings to the forum. One reason I cancelled membership in the 
MedPhysics Listserver was the review of posts as well as each member 
being limited to just 2 posts per day. Often a question would be 
posted and no response could be provided to the list until the next 
day. If the answer was only pertinent to the individual who posed the 
question, a private E-Mail was viable, but the list suffered.

I note that John Jacobus's post title "Web site: Sense About Science -
- Nuclear Information Library" was just posted, 0915 PDT yet was sent 
October 12 at 1216 PDT (almost 3 days ago).

I want to reiterate that I do not question Marcel's motives, but am 
concerned that not having the spontaneous and interactive timely 
responses as in the past, will cause Radsafe to degrade as an 
informational forum. Members will more likely than not resort to 
simply answering a specific individual and not copy the list due to 
the time delays where a comment could very well be taken out of 

Having been a member of Radsafe back to the early 90's, I hope that 
this does not happen.

Regards to all.
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