[ RadSafe ] Re: The good news about nuclear destruction

Clayton J Bradt cjb01 at health.state.ny.us
Wed Apr 2 14:34:34 CDT 2008

J. Marshall Reber wrote:

"Indeed, pupils in many secondary schools in the USA , especially boys,
rather become sports heros or rock stars than scientists."

If scientists were compensated at a level comparable to sports heroes and
rock stars, more kids would aspire to be scientists.  Don't blame the kids
for accurately gauging the value of a technical education.  For instance,
does anyone believe that the tech industry's clamor for more special work
visas for "highly skilled" foreign workers, is the result of a lack of
American workers with the needed skills?  Or is it more likely the lack of
skilled Americans willing to work for the low wages being offered?

Clayton J. Bradt
dutchbradt at hughes.net

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