[ RadSafe ] Wag the dog

Jeff Terry terryj at iit.edu
Sun Feb 10 14:49:26 CST 2008

When faced with self-preservation, some will stand and fight, some  
will run, and some will capitulate.

Rational people can disagree when ones self-preservation is  
threatened. Rational people can disagree with the choice of action.

If you don't like the group charged with making this decision for the  
United States of America, there are two possibilities. One, if you are  
a citizen of the United States you can vote for another group of  
people to make this decision. Second, whether or not you are a citizen  
of the United States, you can try to overthrow the group of people who  
currently make this decision.

Arguing against current U. S. policy on RadSafe, will help you  
accomplish neither of the two possibilities. Arguing for current U. S.  
policy on RadSafe, will not help you to keep the current policies in  

As tired as I am already of this thread, I am thankful that there are  
those out there that have ensured our ability to have this  
conversation, including those sent to die by the representatives,  
senators, and presidents that I have voted for over my lifetime.

Ultimately, I, others who vote, and maybe even more importantly those  
that don't vote are accountable for the policies of my government as  
we still have the freedom to choose those who make this decision in  
our stead.

So John, I hope that answers your question of who is accountable and  
who should be held accountable.


On Feb 10, 2008, at 2:15 PM, John Jacobus wrote:

> In times of war, old men send young men to die.  And who will be  
> held accountable?
>  -- John

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