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Interestingly, I am aware that the writers of that CSI episode, in  fact, 
contacted competent experts regarding I-131 and other  radiopharmaceuticals, but 
when the realities were explained to the writers,  their response was "well, 
that's not interesting...we can't use that..." and  they went about their merry 
way, making up whatever horrors they deemed to be  sufficiently dramatic for 
prime time.
Barbara L. Hamrick
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Speaking  of exposure to I-131...

Maybe this was up before I joined this list,  but a few years ago there was 
an upsettingly inaccurate episode of "CSI Miami"  where a woman was poisoned 
with I-131 spiked orange juice. It was funny to  see/hear all the errors but a 
bit tragic too. It didn't help one bit to  educate the masses on radioation and 
its effects. Another disturbing detail is  that when the producers were 
criticised, they said that this is a drama and  the script has to be adapted 
accordingly. At other times the CSI shows are  claimed to be quite well researched.


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