SV: [ RadSafe ] I-131 Patients and Taxi driver

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Barbara et al

You may be interested in my "take" on I-131. See "On the distribution of 
potassium iodine to members of the public in anticipation of an accidental 
release of radioiodine." Guest Editorial, Rad. Prot. Dos. Vol. 104, pp 
195-197, 2003

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> Interestingly, I am aware that the writers of that CSI episode, in  fact,
> contacted competent experts regarding I-131 and other 
> radiopharmaceuticals, but
> when the realities were explained to the writers,  their response was 
> "well,
> that's not interesting...we can't use that..." and  they went about their 
> merry
> way, making up whatever horrors they deemed to be  sufficiently dramatic 
> for
> prime time.
> Sad.
> Barbara L. Hamrick
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> Speaking  of exposure to I-131...
> Maybe this was up before I joined this list,  but a few years ago there 
> was
> an upsettingly inaccurate episode of "CSI Miami"  where a woman was 
> poisoned
> with I-131 spiked orange juice. It was funny to  see/hear all the errors 
> but a
> bit tragic too. It didn't help one bit to  educate the masses on 
> radioation and
> its effects. Another disturbing detail is  that when the producers were
> criticised, they said that this is a drama and  the script has to be 
> adapted
> accordingly. At other times the CSI shows are  claimed to be quite well 
> researched.
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