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stewart farber radproject at sbcglobal.net
Fri Feb 22 08:15:48 CST 2008

Hi all,

Some may find this interesting.

I was checking a database of various drinks to get their caffeine content 
[I'm supposed to limit my total caffeine intake -- health issues], and came 
across a drink called "Nuclear Waste Antidote". See:


The can  [which has the radiation trefoil symbol on it, says:

"A 16 ounce can of Nuclear Waste Antidote contains 180 milligrams of 
Nuclear Waste Antidote is made by "Smart Power Drinks". The drink is 
sugar-free (sweetened with Ace-k and sucralose). The manufacturers claim 
that a portion of profits from the drink will go to an organization 
dedicated to "raising awareness about nuclear issues"."

I wonder what organization is getting "a portion" of the profits.

Maybe someone can get an NIH/FDA/BRH grant to study if this drink works. :-)

The database:
does contain a very long list of drinks and their reported caffeine content. 
Not sure of its accuracy.

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