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Hi Doug,

As it happens, the article you cite is written by Robert Pape.  Listen to his critics before you 
decide to believe him.  

Turn it around, Doug.  Do you want to bomb any Mid-east countries because there are 
Muslims in the US?  Lots of them, in fact.  Anybody whose mere existence and proximity can 
drive you to murder men, women, and children, by the thousands?

US troops in Saudi Arabia were there with the consent of the legitimate government.  Nothing 
can justify the 911 attacks, certainly not that.  So please keep your correction.  My conclusion 
stands: Islamic terrorists should not be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons.

-Gary Isenhower

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This (political?) discussion is way of the brief of RADSAFE, but I
just want to make a slight correction to the statement below>

Is it not true that one of the principal causes for the formation of
Al-Qaeda the existence of American forces in Saudi Arabia? 

And an interesting article/interview on the general topic is at:

Now, let's get back to radiation issues!

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You see, 911 didn't happened because the US was occupying a country. 
I hope that we can agree that the 911 terrorists killed all those
Americans (and themselves) because they hate us, not because we were
occupying anybody's country.  

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