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Common cause, rather than cause-effect is more likely with the young men's prostate cancer association with x-rays of hip, colon etc.  Testosterone increases both. Risk sports increase hip x-rays. Aggressiveness disrupts the colon.

 Also, the animal and cell experiments  of  Pollycove, Bobby Scott and others show the opposite: less cancer with more x-ray (up to 10-20 x usual background. I'd want to stimulate the body defenses in my spleen with 75 rem 2x/week for a month if I had a prostate cancer. Watch for an article soon by Cuttler and Pollycove.

Howard Long MD MPH (epidemiology) 

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> July 31, 2008 
> Prostate Cancer Linked to X-Rays 
> British researchers have linked prostate cancer with X-rays. A study 
> conducted by the University of Nottingham shows a connection between 
> diagnostic radiation and elevated risk of young-onset prostate 
> cancer, which affects about ten percent of men diagnosed. Young-onset 
> prostate cancer is by definition found in men before the age of sixty. 
> The study included 431 men diagnosed with prostate cancer. It showed 
> that men who had typical diagnostic X-rays in the form of barium 
> enemas or X-rays of the pelvis or hip in the previous ten years, were 
> two and a half times more likely to be stricken with prostate cancer 
> than the population at large. In men with a family history of the 
> disease, the link appeared even stronger. 
> The study also emphasized that the evidence that ties X-rays to 
> prostate cancer is still weak at this stage. Professor Kenneth Muir, 
> who led the study, said, "Although these results show some increase 
> in the risk of developing prostate cancer in men who had previously 
> had certain radiological medical tests, we want to reassure men that 
> the absolute risks are small and there is no proof that the 
> radiological tests actually caused any of the cancers." 
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