[ RadSafe ] Coffee and Cholesterol (off topic for Radsafe!): better references!

Doug Aitken jdaitken at sugar-land.oilfield.slb.com
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A few better references here, for those who want to get into the topic 

If you open the pdf of the second reference, I especially liked the final
sentence, which has some correlation to the discussion on DU:

<< Animal models are widely used for studying lipid metabolism,
but caution is necessary when translating results from
animal studies to human situations. Mechanisms elucidated in
animals often remain to be tested in humans.>>

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Your mother's doctor may be right. But only if your mother was drinking very
large quantities of espresso or French press!

I know this is off-topic for Radsafe (apologies to the sensitive!), but I
guess there are quite a few of us consuming quantities of coffee (containing
a whole lot of radioactivity: more hazardous than DU??) so in the interests
of the overall health of all of us, this is a noble discussion!

And the article reinforces the idea that the poison is in the dose....


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From: Sandgren, Peter [mailto:Peter.Sandgren at po.state.ct.us] 
You've caught my interest . . . espresso has less caffeine but more
oils?  My mother in law had high cholesterol levels and was told to stop
drinking coffee because of the oils.(!)
BTW I have an espresso machine, but it's not a gold-plated professional
sit: http://radlab.nl/radsafe/

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