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roger helbig rhelbig at california.com
Fri Jun 6 22:19:07 CDT 2008

Honorable Member,

May I ask where you get your information on this subject
and suggest that you perhaps consult a Certified Health
Physist within your constituency.  I believe that you have
been badly mislead by a group of people that I call the
anti-depleted uranium crusaders.  They clearly were the
cause of misstatements like those made by the Honorable
Members of the European Parliament such as "one microgram
of depleted uranium being lethal".  That is completely
contrary to fact.

Should you wish to browse a substantial amount of
information on depleted uranium, uranium, radiation and
other related subjects, go to this link in the public
messages at the Yahoo Group DUStory
http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/DUStory/message/76 -
http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/DUStory/message/77 also
provides information to view the Files Section, where there
is information on Leuren K Moret, who recently made a paid
tour of the Kootenay Mountains, Douglas Lind Rokke, a close
associate of Moret and Asaf Durakovic who operates the
phantom Uranium Medical Research Centre that appears to be
a scam that reports natural uranium concentrations found in
every single human being on the planet as being depleted
uranium, plus other information in document form.  Some of
the documents on Moret, Rokke and Durakovic were obtained
by public records act inquiries.  Those records effectively
refute the individuals claims or myths circulated about
them and it would be well worth your while to read just
exactly who has mislead you and your constitutents about
depleted uranium.  The Honorable European Parliament
members have been less forthcoming with their e-mail
addresses so I have not been able to address them in such a
forthright fashion and I commend your openness.

I am a very active internet opponent of these scientific
charlatans.  I have no cause with people who want peace or
to ban war, though, I find the latter a probably
unrealistic view of the human condition. I do have no
tolerance for liars and their lies and I have a passion for
exposing them.  I do this in depleted uranium because I
fear that these lies could result in a terrible retaliation
to thank the US/UK for poisoning lands forever when that is
not a true statement at all.

If you would like to write back to me, I can e-mail some of
the documents.  I am not attaching anything to this e-mail
for fear of its being rejected by your firewall.


Roger W Helbig
Richmond, California, USA

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