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I thought you might enjoy Salsman's childish private response to my earlier note. It is immediately below this submission. The earlier thread then follows. I also refer to an earlier Salsman attack on me in the Radsafe archives.

Laws are on the books in virtually every jurisdiction in this country that prohibit discrimination based on race, gender, and religion. In many, if not most of these jurisdictions, the law includes sexual orientation and veteran status in the list.

My veteran status has nothing to do with my letter to a reporter about a radioactive disposal facility. When I write similar letters about DOD use of DU I reveal it. In this case I did not because it was not germane.

Nevertheless, Salsman emphasizes my veteran status in his letter to the same reporter before he begins his usual rant on DU. Why would he write the letter in the first place since it has nothing to do with DU? And then why would he emphasize my veteran status since it has nothing to do with topic?

Consider this: What would be your reaction if, instead in the letter, he had emphasized my race, my religion, my sexual preference, and, if my gender was not obvious from my name, my sex? Salsman has revealed himself to be a "bigot" in same sense of the word as if he had emphasized one of my other personal aspects when it was not germane.

None of the paragraph that starts with "Dr. Cherry is a retired Army Colonel" is relevant to the original issue of a radioactive disposal site. It is an obvious blatant ad hominem attack. Try substituting a reference to race, religion or sexual preference in the sentence in place of "retired Army colonel." What then would be your opinion of Salsman? Why should it be different because it is "only" about veterans?

My military service on active duty covered parts or all of four decades. >From the sixties through the eighties we were encouraged, if not ordered, to fly commercial air in civilian clothes when we had to travel on official business. People like Salsman were the reason for those instructions. Nowadays, I am happy to see uniformed military personnel in the once-again friendly skies.

Continue to debate Salsman as if he were a reasonable person if you wish. He seems to enjoy the attention (it's like wrestling with a pig). I want nothing to do with him, but I will not ignore his personal attacks. He is an offensive little man with a small mind who has achieved nothing of consequence in his life and probably still lives with his mother.

Robert N. Cherry, Jr., PhD, CHP
Colonel, U.S. Army (retired)

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If you agree to sue me for libel, I will gladly give you my attorney's address.  Your own accusation of libel is libel against me, and I am 100% confident that I can prove my accusations.  The truth is an absolute defense.  You never published a word on uranium genotoxicity or teratology the entire time you were responsible for uranium munitions safety.

Are we in court?


Interesting. Non sequiturs and libelous correspondence from an obvious crank.

Bob C

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Dear Ms. Lam:

I am embarrassed that Bob Cherry said he was "objecting to your biased, sloppy, and lazy use of the English language in a news article in my hometown newspaper" for the use of a word (dump) in a direct quote in a headline.

Dr. Cherry is a retired Army Colonel.  During the late 1990s, he was, in a small capacity, responsible for determining the health issues of depleted uranium munitions.  During that time, he completely neglected the chemical genotoxicity and teratogenicity of uranium, even though it has been well established since at least 1954.  In a just world, such negligence would result in a lengthy jail sentence.

I recommend that you profile him and his work.

James Salsman
Sunnyvale, California

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