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Jerry Cohen jjc105 at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 8 15:14:12 CDT 2008

If you are looking for the person who "complained" about the Yucca Mountain Project (YM), I believe I am the guilty party. 
  IMHO, YM constitutes a gross , and inordinately expensive, solution to a problem that is not very serious to begin with. It is a vain attempt by  politicans ans technologists to assuage public fears of the radiation boogeyman. The common perception toward nuclear waste is that [1] it is so hazardous that even if a miniscule amount of this radoactive material is released to the biosphere, serious health consequenses will result, and [2] because of the long half-life of certain components, we are faced with a problem of unprecedented duration. Neither of these beliefs can stand up to critical analysis. YM is simply a monumental boondogle. If and when the public becomes aware of its magnitude and the amount or money and other resources that have been needlessly squandered on it, heads may roll.
  Steven Dapra <sjd at swcp.com> wrote:
  At 09:17 PM 6/7/08 -0500, Dan W McCarn wrote:
>Dan W. McCarn, Geologist; 3118 Pebble Lake Drive; Sugar Land, TX 77479; USA
>HotGreenChile at gmail.com mccarn at unileoben.ac.at UConcentrate at gmail.com
>Dear James:
>I apologize if you feel that my last comment amounted to an ad hominem 
>attack. Please accept my apologies if you have felt slighted by my 
>comments. I do hope that someday that you will complete your degree and 
>add a host of peer-reviewed publications to your CV.
>I am keenly aware of your obsession with DU, [edit]

"obsession" is too mild a word. (Steven Dapra)


> Who complained about geologists, hydrologists and their ilk and Yucca 
> Mountain? Steve, was that you? Don't be shy!

Wasn't me! I've never complained about anything in my entire 
life. Well . . . at least I've never complained about Yucca Mt. --- at 
least not on RADSAFE, except perhaps to wish that it would be opened 
promptly. (Steven Dapra)


>-----Original Message-----
>From: James Salsman [mailto:jsalsman at gmail.com]
>Sent: Saturday, June 07, 2008 4:45 PM
>To: Dan W McCarn
>Subject: personal note


>Does the subject matter of my schooling (math) bear on your ability to
>answer these questions, or were you asking after my degree because
>your inability to answer the questions I have posed embarrassed you,
>and you wish to join Steve Dapra in personal attacks?

If anyone is making personal attacks, it's you, James. What are 
the academic credentials that qualify you to expound on DU and etc.? Let's 
hear them.

Steven Dapra

> Do you think
>such retorical tactics make the readers more or less convinced of your
>position? Do you think they make me more or less interested in
>withdrawing from the topic?
>I have discussed this matter with medical experts, and I can put you
>in touch with them if you like.
>James Salsman

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