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Roger Helbig rhelbig at california.com
Sat Jun 14 23:04:27 CDT 2008

I see a number of the anti-DU crusaders listed in their awards – thanks for
the lead, Steven.


I see that they encourage $1 a day donations and those are tax free in US
and EU.  Nothing like tax free propaganda - Arlo Guthrie apparently is a big
donor as well.  Time that we start questioning these misguided artistes!

Award Recipients
2007 Salzburg
Resistance: C. White Face and the Defenders of the Black Hills, USA
Education: Dr. Horst Siegwart Günther, Germany
Solutions: Tadatoshi Akiba, Japan, and Mayors for Peace
Lifetime Achievement: Freda Meissner-Blau, Austria
Lifetime Achievement: Armin Weiss, Germany 

2006 Window Rock
Resistance: Sun Xiaodi, China
Education: Dr. Gordon Edwards, Canada
Solutions: Wolfgang Scheffler and Heike Hoedt, Germany
Lifetime Achievement: Ed Grothus, USA
Special Recognition Phil Harrison, Navajo Nation
Special Recognition Southwest Research and Information Center, USA 

2005 Oslo
Resistance: Hilda Lini, Vanuatu
Solutions: Preben Maegaard, Denmark
Lifetime Achievement: Mathilde Halla, Austria
Special Recognition Joe Shirley, Jr. & George Arthur, Navajo Nation 

2004 Jaipur
Resistance: Jharkhandis Organisation Against Radiation (JOAR), India
Education: Asaf Durakovic, USA
Solutions: Jonathan Schell, USA
Lifetime Achievement: Hildegard Breiner, Austria
Special Recognition: Lucknow City Montessori School, India 

2003 Munich
Resistance: Sacred Earth & Space Plowshares II, USA
Education: Souad Naji Al-Azzawi, Iraq
Solutions: Corbin Harney, Newe Sogobia
Lifetime Achievement: Inge Schmitz-Feuerhake, Germany 

2002 St. Petersburg
Resistance: Mordechai Vanunu, Israel
Education: Ole Kopreitan, Norway
Solutions: Helen Clark, New Zealand
Lifetime Achievement: Alexei Yablokov, Russia, and Francis Macy, USA
Special Recognition: The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, USA 

2001 Carnsore Point 
Widerstand: Kevin Buzzacott, Australia
Aufklärung: Kenji Higuchi, Japan
Lösungen: Hans-Josef Fell, Germany
Lebenswerk: Solange Fernex, France
Besondere Anerkennung: David Lowry, Wales 

2000 Berlin 
Resistance: Inverhuron and District Ratepayers Association, Canada
Education: Yuri Kuidin, Kazachstan
Solutions: The Barefoot College, India
Lifetime Achievement: Klaus Traube, Germany 

1999 Los Alamos
Resistance: Dorothy Purley and Grace Thorpe, USA
Education: Lydia Popova, Russia
Solutions: Michael and Ursula Sladek, Germany
Lifetime Achievement: Stewart Udall, USA 

1998 Salzburg
Resistance: Yvonne Margarula, Australia
Education: Raùl Montenegro, Argentina
Solutions: Harendra Sharan, India
Lifetime Achievement: Maisie Shiell, Canada 

From: Steven Dapra [mailto:sjd at swcp.com] 
Sent: Saturday, June 14, 2008 6:24 PM
To: Roger Helbig; Radsafe
Subject: Re: [ RadSafe ] Source of Grotesque DU Photos Identified

June 14

        See Wikipedia: 
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siegwart_Horst_G%C3%BCnther>.  Text reads 
"Professor Siegwart Horst Günther once worked with Albert Schweitzer in
Africa. He is a prominent proponent of the disputed claim that the use of
depleted uranium in munitions causes cancers, birth defects and other
pathologies. In 2007 the Nuclear-Free Future Award honored for the third
time Prof. Gunther for refusing to back down to pressure and for visiting
Iraq to study the real-life consequences of depleted uranium use." 
(citation omitted)

        Link to a 1995 interview with Gunther

        These were found by doing a Googol search.  All the anti-DU
partisans are waving his name around.

Steven Dapra

At 05:34 PM 6/14/08 -0700, Roger Helbig wrote:

This just was posted on a site Matador Ninety-Four in the Netherlands - they
have seven misleading postings on depleted uranium and I have not been able
to figure out how to contact them or leave a comment - they did, however,
identify the source of the photos that have been misattributed by Mohammed
Daud Miraki and possibly Doug Westerman as well and this, while misleading
in intent, was a valuable service.

Most pictures were provided to the public domain by Dr. Siegwart
Horst-Gunther, author of a 1996 book titled, "URANIUM PROJECTILES - SEVERELY

Does anyone on RADSAFE know anything about Dr Horst-Gunther?  It is
significant that the book was published when Saddam Hussein was in power and
thus the photos were carefully controlled by that regime.  

Roger Helbig

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