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Shawn Hughes (Road2) srh at esper.com
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Hello all;
I'll leave the historical section to others; it is a popular topic. As far
as current and legacy history of nuclear weapons tests, and of thermonuclear
weapons (TN) in general, it is critically important to test these weapons
systems periodically. 
The relative history of radiochemistry is short. We are feeling our way
every day in respects to the long term effects of the use of nuclear
products. Because a war reserve nuclear weapon is a device that needs as
absolutely little room for guessing or error as possible, it becomes
necessary to test aspects of them on a regular basis. The interaction of the
active products with the other parts of the puzzle over a period of years
still isn't totally quantified. Even things people may not think of, like
the terribly slow offgassing of plastic products over a period of years in a
sealed container can bring interesting problems that can potentially affect
reliability and sustainability.
The best way to test a nuc is, obviously, to go take one off the shelf and
shoot it. Laws, regulations and whatnot being what it is, makes that route
nearly impossible. So, very, very, very high speed computing and
sub-critical nuclear tests have to suffice.
And, this is one of the reasons why they push the new RRW system. It makes
some of this moot.
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