[ RadSafe ] chemical form of industrial irradiation sources

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Mr Bossew

If you could narrow your question with regards to sources and their design, it may be possible to answer your question in a better light.  In some cases the question should not be answered in a public forum due to potential nefarious issues.

In general such sources are designed to eliminate or minimize the potential release of material which could find its way into the environment in an unintentional but potential accident scenario.  Chemical form alone is not the only factor considered when such analyses are performed.

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Dear listers:

Does anybody know in which chemical compound gamma irradiation sources 
used for material testing, medical use or food irradiation and the like, 
are usually delivered ? I am particularly interested in 137Cs, 60Co and 
192Ir in this context.
Anything known about solubility in water or eventual reactions with air ?
Are such sources being used in ceramic compounds ?

As far as I know the Cs source involved in the Goiânia accident was CsCl 
as powder.

Thanks for hints.


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