[ RadSafe ] Excitement about the cancer investigation on the C-Netz in Steiermark

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Mon Mar 3 03:23:30 CST 2008

In a press release of February 25, 2008, Forum Mobilkommunikaton (FMK) informs about the press conference on the cancer study of the researcher in environmental medicine Dr. Gerd Oberfeld, published at the end of January. He had found an increased cancer risk for residents near a C-network mobile base station near Vasoldsberg/Hausmannstätten.
But: At this site there has never been a C-network station and only in 1994 a provisional D-Netz station (900 MHz) for six months. The mobile network operators therefore ask Mr Oberfeld to withdraw his study. But the author of the study kept his view of things. In a talk with the Austrian press agency APA he said, that he could give evidence for the facts complained about. Alfred Stratil, head of department Telecommunication and Post at the Ministry of Transport (BMVIT), who was among the audience of the press conference, informed that the "Wissenschaftliche Beirat Funk" (Scientific Council for Radio) of the Ministry will deal with the study until April. The council had already invited the author several times to take part in the deliberations, but he had rejected it. Mr Oberfeld confirms that he rejects any discussion with the council. 
Sort of interesting...
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