AW: [ RadSafe ] Colombia Is Flashpoint

Steven Dapra sjd at
Thu Mar 6 19:08:00 CST 2008

March 6

         Yes, we could certainly do with a lot less hysteria.

Steven Dapra

At 09:17 PM 3/6/08 +0100, Franz Schönhofer wrote:
>Your message is almost out of topic, but coming back to the "dirty bomb" 
>hoax: European papers interpret the accusation of a possible "dirty bomb" 
>exactly the same way, namely that the USA might search for an opportunity 
>for another undeclared foreign war, which might not be fought openly like 
>in Iraq, but by "supporting" the ruling class and their corruption with 
>even more than $ 600 million a year. We have a rather different opinion on 
>"leftist rebels" than the official US, as well as "liberal" is a very 
>positive word in our politics.
>Taking into account the recent postings on RADSAFE about the detection 
>systems for harbours etc. having been tested by the DHS one might 
>recommend, that what other RADSAFErs have already called "hysteria" should 
>be calmed down.
>I'll travel next Monday to Poland for a few months and I am very much 
>looking forward to cross according to the most recent legislation the 
>borders to the Czech Republic and to Poland without any passport control, 
>though since a few years the official control was to waive through the cars.
>Best regards,
>Franz Schoenhofer, PhD
>MinRat i.R.
>Habicherg. 31/7
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