Re: [ RadSafe ] Colombia Is Flashpoint in Chávez ’s Feud With U.S.

Gary Isenhower garyi at
Thu Mar 6 17:20:00 CST 2008

All this on-topic talk of leftist rebels, foreign wars, and government
corruption has turned my thoughts toward the one connecting thread: hard
liquor.  See, if you are an impoverished citizen in a war-plagued,
famine-ridden country, about the only thing you can really use is a good
stiff drink.  Anything else you might be sent, either from foreign aid or
your generous cousin Emil who lives in Toledo, might be worth taking.  If it
is worth taking, then it will be taken, by some gun toting fanatic who will
then splatter your brains against the wall with a casual wave of automatic
weapon fire.  Hard liquor, on the other hand, can be shared with your
friends and (if the gift is judiciously small) consumed in under an hour.
By the time our gun toting fanatic ( thats a "freedom fighter", or sometimes
a "jihadist" for most of you liberals out there) arrives, there's nothing
left to take.  If he still feels like splattering anyone's brains, the
experience will be less painful and depressing for everyone because of the
aforementioned hard liquor.

By extension, foreign wars, government corruption, and most other social
ills are made more bearable by hard liquor.  Since there are no countries
which have shown any substantial improvement from being on the foreign aid
dole, it is reasonable to say that hard liquor is as good as any other form
of aid that might be sent.  But the best thing for a struggling nation is to
be invaded by the US.  Most countries that get invaded by the US are
significantly better off just a few years latter.  But, I seem to have
drifted off my "hard liquor" theme now, so I'll wrap this up.

Have a good weekend!
Gary Isenhower

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