[ RadSafe ] NRC Alphatron high vacuum guage

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A General License does not permit the owner / licensee to redistribute the
device off-site to any other party except the manufacturer or anyone else
specifically licensed to receive it (such a  radioactive waste broker).
Consequently, no GL licensed items should be listed on eBay except by
licensed manufacturers or distributors.

If the alphatrons were initially distributed as GL devices (which seems
likely), you would now need a specific license to obtain one.

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Hello all,

I have been looking for an Alphatron gauge for some time.   I will need this
for a vacuum deposition chamber that I will be making  for depositing metal
films on meteorite thin sections and optics.



There are conflicting reports that these require special licenses and others
that they do not.   They have been in the past offered on eBay, though not

Originally these were sold by the maker NRC in MA under a general license.
When disposed of they would then be returned to that manufacturer.     I
think that this company was bought out by Varian Corp, which still makes
thermionic high vacuum gauges but not Alphatrons.

Email me off list, as any advice or leads regarding this request would be

Steve Schoner
schoner at mybluelight.com
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