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Mauro Campoleoni wrote:
> After Colette's translation, let the experts say...
> but I agree with Franz, we shouldn't consider it too much.
> This AIPRI seems to have more to do with X files than science,
> and personally I've never heard about this Scampa.
> Italian justice, as slow as it is, has more important issues,

... obviously, yes. This creates a legal atmosphere which leads then to, 
e.g., the Ciarrapico case.

Or the Führer Wein which you can buy in every second Italian tourist 
shop. Or the numerous Duce glorifying webpages.

> but frankly I don't think that somewhere else these statements would
> be prosecuted.

Ridiculing nazi crimes is a criminal delict in Austria and Germany, and 
also in other countries as far as I know. Also according to EU law.

But you are right insofar, as from a scientific point of view, Scampa & 
AIPRI it is not worth discussing.


(For those interested in psychological fringe phenomena, some additional 
information on that organisation:
The head of AIPRI is Maurice-Eugène André, 
http://users.skynet.be/mauriceandre/ , Belgian, quite an obscure person, 
calles himself  "Directeur et  éditeur responsable :  président du Parti 
des Européens Progressistes (PEP) et du  Parti Progressiste Belge (PPB). 
Spécialiste en protection NBCR (protection nucléaire, biologique, 
chimique, radiologique).", at the same time seems to be some kind of 
esoteric guru and mystical-christian activist. The PPB ran for elections 
in  Vallonie in 1979 and got 0.5% of the votes ( 
www.europe-politique.eu/elections-europeennes-belgique.htm ). The 
fundamentalist character shows up in his news service (sort of), called 
tahat kol (+- voice from below in hebrew) or textes d'Antipas which may 
allude Herodes Antipas, or more probably to its original greek meaning, 
(+-) "against everybody", which means against all heretics, unfaithful, 
pretenders of "true belief"  etc.; as such used by religious obscurantists.)

> Mauro Campoleoni
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