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Thu Mar 27 18:41:06 CDT 2008

I have a government (non US-based) client that is seeking “Command Level”  
training for Senior Staff dealing with all hazards related to radiation and  
nuclear related incidents. They are seeking an “All-Hazards” approach to  
this training but specific to the radiation and nuclear threat spectrum.  

I have proposed that we build a 24-hour course that is modular in design in  
that we would present three (3) modules as standalone courses an these three  
modules would be considered the whole course. This is a logistical issue  
more for them as they need scheduling flexibility. The three (3) stand  alone 
modules would be entitled as follows: 
1) Planning Considerations for a Radiological/Nuclear Event (i.e. pre-event  
2) Incident Management Considerations at a Radiological/Nuclear  Event (i.e. 
event response) 
3) Restoration and Return to Normalcy After a  Radiological/Nuclear Event 
(i.e. all of the event aftermath issues). 

My question the masses herein is what resources might you recommend for me  
to utilize during the course development process and or are there any  
comparable courses already in the marketplace for such a concept that I  
might also reference. 

I can be reached via the secure E-Mail servers at _http://www.llis.gov_ 
(http://www.llis.gov) ) or at _LNMolino at aol.com_ (mailto:LNMolino at aol.com)  or via 
cell at (979)  412-0890 (Cell Phone) if you have any suggestions or comments. 

I appreciate your time and assistance in this matter. 

Louis N. Molino, Sr., CET
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Training  Program Manager, Fire and Safety Specialists, Inc.  
Technical Editor, Industrial  Fire World  

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