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Hmmmmm. Maybe Fore/Blaine/Salsman can be deflected to the tobacco industry,
given the uptake of nasty radioactive (uranium, polonium, radon,
whatever,,,,,) material into tobacco, which is burned at a relatively high
temperature and the nasty radioactive vapors sucked directly into the lungs
of the (unsuspecting, idiotic) smokers.....


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From: Dan W McCarn
Other Sources: (These are back of the envelope calculations)
So for agriculture in the USA, I would "guess" that there are on the order
of 700 Tonnes U per year placed on agricultural soils and of that, 100
Tonnes U per year redistributed as dusts. Now "apply" the years of
agricultural use for the soils (e.g. 99 years - median - for the San Luis
Valley), a source term, a "Leaching Coefficient" to calculate the U
concentration in the upper soil zone, and transfer coefficients into plants,
etc. and now uranyl becomes an issue in the food chain.
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