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Roger Helbig rhelbig at california.com
Sat May 24 04:48:46 CDT 2008

This is in a South African online publication that calls itself The Thought Leader -- there is a mixture of very bizarre anti-nuclear claims mixed with some solid science.  I invite you to read and comment.

I particularly enjoyed " to store the highly radioactive depleted uranium that is coming out of the nuclear reactors" in this one - I don't know if they will post my reply but this person clearly needs a science lesson or two, but this is the result of the Salsman/Rokke/Moret/Busby line of internet bombardment about DU -- and Salsman copied Rokke on Salsman's submission to the NRC and it is available in the NRC Electronic Reading Room ADAMS files.  So much for Salsman's claims for having nothing to do with Rokke, etc. -- those claims are not true.

Roger Helbig

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Author: Yvonne
I can't believe some of the idiotic promotion for nuclear power that is in these comments.  Check uranium tailings, not uranium, if you want to know what's in it - there is no dispute about its radioactive and tox nature.  Perhaps specifically, look for thorium 230 and radium 226, half lives of 75,000 and 1,600 years respectively.  Nuclear power is not clean because it takes uranium and they can't keep the uranium tailings from leaching in the groundwater and toxic waste from getting into the food chain.  And have you heard anyone mention that they do not have a location selected, in the world, to store the highly radioactive depleted uranium that is coming out of the nuclear reactors?  That's because they don't want you to think about that part of the equation.  They have been looking for a solution for 30 years now at least and no solution yet.  The conservative estimate is about 60 years out to have the plan ready - the tanks are only good for 50 years, tops.  Since the tanks have been around for a while already, I'd say we're short a few years on keeping ourselves from the radiation.  We have to stop wasting our money pretending that nuclear is good and get down to developing the "real" clean energy solutions.

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