[ RadSafe ] Concerns Could Reduce Radiation Sensor Deployment

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If you wish to put it in those terms, Mike, then I must point out that whether the attacks are 
here or there, "children" are the preferred targets.  Otherwise nobody would feel "terrorized".

So, your analogy is rather misleading.  There was no "door" protecting anyone, and no one 
has sent "children" out to be eaten.  Instead, we have done our best to replace "children" with 
soldiers, who are more than a little eager to find some of these tigers so they can share (in a 
meaningful way) just how they feel about what the tigers have been doing to children.

911 wasn't a scratch at the door, and if you are going to be so very free with your political 
criticism then I hope you will also share with me your own plan and how it would have been 

But do me the favour please of enlightening me off-list, since this is definitely off-topic.

-Gary Isenhower

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Many, if not most, of the terrorist attacks have occurred in Iraq,
aimed at Americans and/or our allies.  I submit that, to carry on with
this analogy, that we have kept the tiger from further scratching the
door by sending the children out to stand in the vacant lot down the

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When 9/11 happened, all the experts that I heard guaranteed that
within the next 5 yrs America would be hit by a major terrorist
attack.  I have heard that there have been over 11,000 terrorist
attacks world wide since 9/11 (I have not verified this statement but
I think it is pretty clear that terrorist attacks world wide have
increased since 9/11 -- actually there have been a steady increase in
terrorist attacks world wide since the end of the eighties)

Maybe ever better to add to Gary's statement that tiger attacks
greatly increased in surrounding areas, but where the tiger attacked
were initially concentrated, those attacks have vanished.

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