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JPreisig at aol.com JPreisig at aol.com
Mon Sep 22 16:07:44 CDT 2008

Dear Radsafe:

      This is from:   jpreisig at aol.com    .

      Howdy Radsafers:

           Hope all is well where you are today.

           In an earlier message to Radsafe I discussed the possibility of
      having (D,T) fusion reactions occur by mechanically pushing neutral
      D2 and T2 molecules at one another (see Radsafe archives).

           Thinking about this some more, I think this fusion scheme can be
       improved somewhat.  Basically, one can use a 50 to 200 keV
       (small) particle accelerator to shoot deuterium and/or tritium ions
       at a target containing deuterium and/or tritium molecules, which are
       electrically neutral.  So, until the ions come very close to the 
       and/or tritium molecules, there is relatively little electromagnetic
       repulsion.  Remember, the energy needed to make the (D,T) fusion
       go is roughly 20 to 50 keV (see Segre's nuclear physics book???).
       Sure, there still are considerations about energy loss through the 
       target system, etc.  And the reaction needs to take place in a vacuum

             One could get the energy from the reaction products by placing a
       large container of water (or whatever is good) around the target area.
       I'm not going to share with you how one could do this efficiently.

             So, perhaps now some of you experimentally capable scientists
       with a small accelerator hanging around could do some work on this,
       if so inspired.  Do what you will.

             If you don't like the idea of generating all those neutrons in 
the fusion
       reaction, then perhaps you might want to look at Aneutronic reactions
       involving elements slightly heavier than deuterium and/or tritium.
       Work on advanced Aneutronic reactions was done quite a while ago
       now by Bogdan Maglich and his colleagues at Fusion Energy
       Corporation (NJ) and/or Aneutronics Inc.  You might find some of this 
       work on the Internet and/or in scientific journals in your library.

              Work continues on by the established (Hot) Fusion community.

              I see also that NASA (USA) is going forward with their next 
       group of rocket launch vehicles and they seem to be making progress.
       Best wishes to them.

            One day (before I reach my expiration date!!!!) I would like to go
       travelling about Earth and Space in my $100,000.00 fusion powered
       flying saucer.  Wonder if it will really happen.

            It is fun to watch those British and/or American airplanes 
       vertically from the Earth's surface.  I forget what these planes are 
       right now.   It is also fun to watch films of the Lunar Lander Module
       on the moon (the Lunar Escape Module???) taking off vertically from
       the Moon's surface (at 1/6 the Earth's gravity).   Most of the films 
of such
       vertical takeoff's are 30-40 years old.  Wonder what US present-day
       aircraft can do vertically now????  Can you say flying saucer???

            My local newspaper (the Trenton Times (NJ)) reports today that
       they are finding oil (by drilling) in the Bay of Bengal (India).  Nisy,
       get your drilling hard hat on!!!!  Guess this will give George W. and
       the VP something to do once their term ends.

            You all have a good day.

            Regards,      Joseph R. (Joe) Preisig, Ph.D.

            Radsafe is Excellent!!!!!!!


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