[ RadSafe ] Heavy metal content of Autistic Children Hair

al at solidsurfacealliance.org al at solidsurfacealliance.org
Fri Apr 10 17:34:59 CDT 2009

No doubt there are a lot of questions to be asked about this study that linked heavy metal content of hair to autism, and no doubt motivations are important.  Yet if the study was conducted properly, this should be pursued.
As to local power plants or chemical plants being the source of these heavy metals, I would first ask if they have looked inside their own home.   One Bordeaux granite countertop in California produced an XRF result of 10,260 ppm of Thallium.   Several other countertop slabs  have been found with uranium at or above source grade. Stone industry testing has long shown that heavy metals are quite common in granite sold as building material, even what I call "courthouse" granite, plain jane stone.
Industries need to be aware of the possibility that these toxins, be they heavy metals or radiation/radon exposures might not come from  their industry but from building materials.

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