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Dear Colleague,

Liquid Scintillation Users' Forum 7 May 09

Programme background

The NMS Liquid Scintillation Users' Forum is held annually at NPL. It is for the benefit of all users of liquid scintillation counting techniques, including those who may be making routine measurements in medical and research situations. Whilst liquid scintillation techniques are used for a diverse range of measurements, it is hoped that there will be benefits to be derived from a sharing of experience, and that those who use the technique for routine measurements may take advantage of the opportunity to discuss the more technical aspects of the subject. 


Registration is now open for the next Liquid Scintillation Users Forum which is being held on Thursday 7 May 09. More information can be found on the LSUF website at the link below:

LSUF website - Please click here <http://click.npl-networks.co.uk/?ju=fe2d16727d6c0c7d761770&ls=fdf412737d66017f7117727d&m=ff051772746606&l=fe6215747d6503787715&s=fddb1579726d017a7d127972&jb=ffcf14&t=> 

LSUF registration - Please click here <http://click.npl-networks.co.uk/?ju=fe2c16727d6c0c7d761771&ls=fdf412737d66017f7117727d&m=ff051772746606&l=fe6215747d6503787715&s=fddb1579726d017a7d127972&jb=ffcf14&t=> 

On the day registration will start from 10:00am at the main reception with the meeting starting in the auditorium at 10:30am. Please see draft agenda here <http://click.npl-networks.co.uk/?ju=fe2b16727d6c0c7d761772&ls=fdf412737d66017f7117727d&m=ff051772746606&l=fe6215747d6503787715&s=fddb1579726d017a7d127972&jb=ffcf14&t=> . 

As you may notice, there will be a talk on uncertainties in the afternoon session. This will mainly concentrate on the conventional GUM approach, but will make reference to the use of Monte Carlo and Bayesian methods.

If you have any queries regarding the programme please contact Arzu Arinc (  <mailto:arzu.arinc at npl.co.uk> arzu.arinc at npl.co.uk), LSUF secretary.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Kind regards 

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