[ RadSafe ] Anti-nuclear/uranium/radiation talk today in Stockholm

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Thu Apr 23 05:34:40 CDT 2009

DNA/uranium reference and controversial scientists:


You can find some of that here:


As far as I understand, this journal doesn't exist. The name probably and mainly serves as a frame for credibility. Take Coghill for instance - Google and combine with the word "healing" and you get more than 15 000 hits. Take a look at a few of them and draw your own conclusions. Click through the Contents of the few "issues" and compare with the Editorial Board.


Dr. Abel Gonzalez (I apologize for probably misspelling his name in my previous posting):

His CV is probably very long including IAEA work. He received the Sievert Award at IRPA11 (Madrid 2004) and let much of the work related to the IRPA12 conference (Buenos Aires 2008).


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