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Franz, what is meant, or at least what I am getting at, with the concept tolerance dose, regards radiation therapy. It has nothing to do with low-dose radiation, on the contrary it should be seen as a limit when the organ, that is subjected to radiation, fails. The tolerance dose is of large interest in therapy, especially with the "new" methods for destroying tumors with pretargeted radioimmunotherapy. When using external radiation for treating tumors the dose will be given much more homogenously over the tissue. That is however not the case when using radionuclides as they may cumulate and bond to different types of tissue throughout the body. For example, 177Lu-complexes seem to be absorbed in the proximal tubuli in the kidney, this will cause an heterogenous distribution of the absorbed dose given to the kidney. This is completely different from external therapy, thus we need to understand how much radiation the kidney can take without failing as it might be the dose-limiting organ.

If you are more interested in the concept, there are articles that recognizes the concept (see the link below). I dont think there are any publications available in swedish though. Happy reading!

Also, thank you Björn for the tips, i'm going to try to find a copy of that book here down in Gothenburg. I´ve also found a few articles which I hope will lead me in the right direction. 

Thank you, 

Nils Rudqvist 

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> Sorry to reveal my ignorance on RADSAFE - what is a "tolerance dose"??? We
> have maximal permissible doses, average ones, we have doses for radiation
> workers, for members of the public - so what else to confuse the radiation
> protection community? 
> Could you please enlighten me, what a "tolerance dose" is. Eftersom jag
> talar flytande svenska far du skicka mig vilken svensk publikation som
> helst!
> Best regards - med vänlig hälsning!
> Franz
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> Dear colleagues,
> I am writing a review article regarding tolerance doses and biological
> effects from radiation (with concepts as TD, MTD, MTA, NTCP, BED etc), but i
> have some problems in finding the right articles. My thought was to try to
> collect and relate the tolerance doses from different radiation methods,
> i.e. external and different radioisotopes used for internal therapy. I have
> done the usual searches but it seems to me that I either gets alot of hits
> or very few. 
> Mainly, the organs of interest is kidney, liver and bone marrow. If you have
> any information or know where i can find the information needed, help would
> be much appreciated. Data from humans, mice or rats is favorable but if you
> have any data that you think might help me, please contact me.
> Thanks,
> Nils Rudqvist (nils.rudqvist at
> Researcher at the Sahlgren Academy
> Gothenburg
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