[ RadSafe ] RE: Tolerance dose -proposed concept by Mutscheller in 1925

Bjorn Cedervall bcradsafers at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 27 05:00:42 CDT 2009

Did some simple googling & PubMed search.


Quote from E.J. Calabrese, The road to linearity: why linearity at low doses became the basis for carcinogen risk assessment, Arch. Toxicol. Vol. 83, 2009:203-225:


"Mutscheller (1925), advocating a value of 1/100 of the erythema dose in 30 days; it was used as a means to calibrate the amount of lead shielding needed." 


I think that searching on the name P.S. Henshaw (1930-1950) will give more and relevant information.


Bjorn Cedervall


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