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There is even more info in the most recent (4th) edition of "Basic  
Clinical Radiobiology", edited by M. Joiner and A. van der Kogel, 2009.

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Zitat von Bjorn Cedervall <bcradsafers at hotmail.com>:

> Hi Nils,
> If I recall correctly you can find some of the recentl contexts in   
> books like "Basic Clinical Radiobiology" (G. Steel, ed.).
> There is probably also a historical context that relates to the era   
> before the threshold idea for stochastic effects was questioned (I   
> would put this at before 1950 - much inspired by the findings by H.   
> Muller in 1927). I have some old references from the period   
> 1898-1947 which I don't have available at this time of writing but   
> may come back to the topic if I find anything relevant. Perhaps you   
> should search for papers by L.S. Taylor in the late 1940:ies and   
> search for indirect references there.
> Lets hope that other Radsafers will make more comments to your question.
> Bjorn (Cedervall)
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>> From: nils_rudqvist at hotmail.com
>> To: radsafe at radlab.nl
>> Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 09:54:47 +0200
>> Subject: [ RadSafe ] Tolerance doses
>> Dear colleagues,
>> I am writing a review article regarding tolerance doses and   
>> biological effects from radiation (with concepts as TD, MTD, MTA,   
>> NTCP, BED etc), but i have some problems in finding the right   
>> articles. My thought was to try to collect and relate the tolerance  
>>  doses from different radiation methods, i.e. external and  
>> different  radioisotopes used for internal therapy. I have done the  
>> usual  searches but it seems to me that I either gets alot of hits  
>> or very  few.
>> Mainly, the organs of interest is kidney, liver and bone marrow. If  
>>  you have any information or know where i can find the information   
>> needed, help would be much appreciated. Data from humans, mice or   
>> rats is favorable but if you have any data that you think might   
>> help me, please contact me.
>> Thanks,
>> Nils Rudqvist (nils.rudqvist at radfys.gu.se
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