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Mon Jan 5 20:40:14 CST 2009

Hello. Mr. or Ms.

I’m working as a researcher in Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety(KINS).


As you know, I-131 unsealed RI is using for caring of thyroid disease.

In some case, for example, thyroid cancer follow up process(150~200mCi giving) need a private therapy room facility including bed, toilet, shower booth, etc…. 


But, many of hospitals are suffering therapy room shortage in our country. This is based on the increasing of thyroid disease. (patients have to wait about 3~4 month for therapy)

So, some hospital want to install the therapy room for two or more person.

(this means two or more patients are locating in one therapy room with some distance)


I want to know the opinion of professionals about this problem.

Also, if you possible, please offer some regulation status in your country.(law, regulation guide, etc…..)



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