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Brennan, Mike (DOH) Mike.Brennan at DOH.WA.GOV
Tue Jul 14 15:34:57 CDT 2009

Have you thought about putting the patient in tivec anti-Cs for at least
the first couple of days?  I know the toilet and sink would still be an
issue, but that is easier than dealing with the whole room.  Figure out
what the current method costs, plus a reasonable amount to cover decon
when your current method fails to stop all contamination (as I suspect
it does occasionally), and offer half of that as a discount off of the
patient's deductable if they go with the anti-C option.  

Another thought is to make the therapy rooms with an impermeable floor,
sloped to lead to a floor drain (or more than one), seamless connections
to the walls, and everything in the room waterproof (using an inflatable
mattress on the bed should cover that).  Then just hose the whole place
down after each patient.  Iodine is pretty soluble, and it can be
disposed of to the sewer (the best disposal option, in my opinion).  If
the room is designed for it, it should be quick, easy, and effective.  

Hey, they're just ideas.  I charge for the really good ones. 

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We are looking to change our process for preparing our iodine therapy
rooms.  Right now we paper the floor and the bath room with "butcher
paper" and incontinent pads.  We cover just about everything else with
plastic or incontinent pads, also.  Recently some concerns have been
raised about a tripping hazard existing due to the papered floors.
Nuclear Medicine and Nursing wants to stop papering the floors, but of
course they aren't the ones performing the decontamination and this
won't increase their work.  Any other suggestions out there on a better
approach to protecting the floors?

The room floor is linoleum and the bathroom floor is grouted tiles, so
we are also looking to remove the old flooring and to cover them with
some kind of epoxy flooring with rounded corners and coping.  Anyone
have any success (or bad experiences) with such an approach?

Finally, the thought came up to change out the ceramic sink and toilet
with stainless steel.  Anyone have any success (or bad experiences) with
such an approach?

Jay Poston

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