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Thu Jul 30 18:09:30 CDT 2009

"In the US (and indeed internationally), the nuclear industry has an
established program of sharing information, it called 'Lesson's Learned'
(not the actual database name) ..."

Well actually it is Lessons Learned, at least the DOE one. But Operating
Experience is a more common name for the program.

"... and contains both positive and negative accounts about everything
from 'worker performance' to 'faulty valves' to 'radiography incidents'
to indeed 'rad software'.  Utilities actually have personnel PAID to
both read these postings to apply common knowledge, and to contribute
their own 'lessons learned'. 

Me, for example.

"That I know of, Department of Energy personnel (the original poster) do
not have common access to this database, so it is not that uncommon for
them to reach out directly, as this poster was doing."

It's password protected, but access isn't that hard to get if you have a

Perhaps a less inflammatory method of saying the same basic suggestion
to Franz would be, in the words of a Jimmy Buffett song:

"Breathe in. Breathe out. Move on."

Dave Neil
DOE-ID Lessons Learned Coordinator

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