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I think that a while ago there was a question about how to change the number of rows on a Genie2000 report page. I have a description on how to use an ini file in Genie thar includes lines per page. Looks like this:

    G2kOpts.ini file

   The G2kOpts.ini file located in the Genie2k\CtlFiles directory contains
   additional commands for controlling the look and feel of the software.
   An example of the file is as follows:

   The item enclosed in square brackets [] is the section name and each
   section can contain one or more parameter names and a value for the
   parameter separated by an equal sign.  If a parameter is not listed
   in the file then the value for that parameter is assumed to be 0.

   [WinVDM] parameters:
      DiagsMenu=1:    Used for troubleshooting
      NoSpecial=1:    Disables the Special VDM from starting

   [Report] parameters:
      TwoDigit=1:     Provides an addtional digit of precision in the
                      mantissa by reducing the number of digits in the
                      exponent e.g.
                      1.8197E-001 vs. 1.81965E-02
      FileName=1:     Removes the path from file names
      PerPage=##:     Reduces the number of lines per page in the report
                      from the value defined in the report template by 
                      $NP ($NP57 is the default).  Setting PerPage to 0 
                      or a value larger than $NP reverts to the value 
                      of $NP.
      JustifyLeft=1   Numeric output is left justified in the report
                      columns e.g.,
                      96.73          	 96.73
                      122.11	vs.	122.11
                      1332.48          1332.48
      UseACP          Use the System default Active Code page for numeric
                      formatting as defined in the Regional Settings e.g.,
                      1.234.567,89 vs. 1,234,567.89
                      5,689E-003   vs  5.689E-003

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