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Please do not contact me, the contact person is at the end of the posting.

      *Responsibilities: *

·         Performs radiological surveys and monitors radiological conditions
and work practices utilized by Waste Control Specialists LLC (
WWW.wcstexas.com <http://www.wcstexas.com/>).

·         Reviews radiological work permits and work packages, ensuring that
work is performed in accordance with approved work documents.

·         Implements stop work authority in a responsible manner when
radiological or safety conditions warrant.

·         Ensures that corrective actions taken to mitigate hazards are
properly implemented and effective in eliminating the unsafe conditions.

·         Prior to use verifies that radiological instrumentation is
functioning properly. Such instrumentation includes but is not limited to
air sampling equipment, dose rate meters, and contamination monitors.

·         Selects and posts various approved radiological signs to ensure
that radiological work sites are properly identified to prevent unauthorized

·         Researches records of potential radiological sites to determine
whether sites are radiologically impacted and performs appropriate
confirmation surveys.

·         Maintains training and qualifications current and attends onsite
and offsite training as necessary to maintain competency in the radiological
control field.

·         Will assist Operations in activities associated with pre-job
preparation, during project execution, and post-project demobilization.

·         Participates in briefings and advises other personnel on
radiological conditions and requirements of a particular work situation.

·         Assists, as assigned, in accident or occurrence investigations.

·         Ensures generation of records for radiological surveys and other
job activities; appropriate forms and logbooks, as required.

*Job Qualifications: *

Must be currently qualified as per ANSI

Ability to work independently or in a team environment on a wide variety of
tasks is critical.
Must be able to be fitted for and qualify for use with various respiratory
protection and personal protective equipment.

Forward your resume to

John Browder

Director of Human Resources

jbrowder at wcstexas.com


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