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Sorry Friends for being away for several days while you asked for references.


First childhood leukemias and power lines - that one goes back to Boulder, Colorado.

The exact reference is:

N. Wertheimer and E. Leeper, Electrical Wiring Configurations and Childhood Cancer, Am. J. Epidemiology, Vol. 109, 1979:273-284.


For old /more than 25 yrs ago) scary, unreasonable and crazy stuff about childhood cancers / deaths etc I would search for references by R. Bertell and E. Sternglass.


Among the most interesting light (and serious) today relating to childhood leukemias one should look for references by Kinlen, Greaves, Doll and Wakeford as well as related references. These authors work along the approach of multifactorial causes including genetic, infectious and other factors such as population density. Natural background radiation is one of the strongly suspected causes.


With regard to the EHS articles - there were actually two of them - the references were probably Sept & Oct this year - but I must go to bed now - it is getting late in Sweden and I have a hectic tomorrow. I'll try to be back with this within a few days - unless some other Radsafer digs up the info. I am flying to Umeå in northern Sweden tomorrow as there will be a three day EMF conference (focus on occupational exposure) there:



(why north in this cold country - the Mediterranean region could have offered much nicer alternatives...? Some people were scraping off ice from their car windows already three days ago in the Stockholm area - brrrr. Then another 660 kms the wrong way.)


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