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This question comes up from time to time.  A quick search of the RADSAFE
archives will give you a few answers such as (1) at one point this was a
performance criteria that everyone could meet with readily available
equipment at the time (1950-60's) (2) at one time the DoE developed a
risk based criteria for various groups of nuclides but it didn't catch
on in commercial world.  (In fact I'm not sure if that ever got off the
ground beyond a proposal in DoE space) and (3) there are a few papers in
the Health Physics archives that attempted to form a risk based set of
values, but they never caught on in the regulatory world.

My 2 cents, if the US NRC ever proposed a leak test rule that was headed
for 10 CFR 20, we would likely see the issue discussed with alot of
gusto such that we would end up with the same accepted value (although
it would be reported in Bq) because no body wanted to change what was
already being used or the gusto would actually end up with a defensible
reason why we have a set number (most likely 0.005 uCi!) but the net
result would be no difference in what we are doing now.....

Daren Perrero

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Could someone please point me towards the reference(s) containing the
basis or calculation for the MDA of 0.005 microcuries in leak testing a
sealed source?  I can't seem to find it anywhere.  Or if you can't
remember the document, an explanation would suffice.  Thanks in advance
for the million responses I am going to get on this!


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