[ RadSafe ] tracking down info on old source/device

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Mike -

Such a device would have a Sealed Source & Device Registration (SSDR) sheet that is available as an archive SSDR.  You can contact the NRC's SSDR group at the Div. of Ind. & Medical Nuclear Safety, Office of Nuclear Material Safety & Safeguards; try John Jankovith, SSDR Team Leader  (301) 415-7904  jpj2 at nrc.gov 
or contact your state's rad. control program; they should also have archive SSDRs on file.

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Hello Group:

I am interested in tracking down info on an old source.  It is an AN/UDM-1A,
referred to as a Cs camera and used to perform calibrations of survey meters.
What I would like to find is who made these devices and who supplied the sources
for these devices.  If anyone has some knowledge about these sources
they can contact
me off-line at

Miles.mccord at nist.gov

Miles McCord

100 Bureau Dr.  Stop 1731
Gaithersburg, MD 20899

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