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While I don't particularly disagree with the author's message, I do wish
he (and everyone else) wouldn't use statements like, "Given the
availability of carbon-free nuclear power, this makes a sea change in
our view of radiation rather urgent."  Selling nuclear power on its
"carbon-free" attribute is a mistake, as it unnecessarily embroils
nuclear power in an argument that should be about the down-side of
burning stuff that throws crap into the air.  Secondly, relaxing the
standards for radiation exposure to the public should not be sold as
necessary for the expansion of nuclear power, as proper design,
construction, and operation of a nuclear power plant does not expose the
public to anything close to current limits (and if someone feels they
need to be sloppier in their design, construction, and/or operation, I
don't think I want them involved. 

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I just found an article on the website of New Scientist magazine
supporting the position of relaxation of radiation limits based on more
rational perception of the risks.

"Our attitude to ionising radiation is irrational, and easing safety
limits would do far more good than harm, says Wade Allison"

Here is a pirated blurb about the author: "Wade Allison is a nuclear and
medical physicist at the University of Oxford and the author of
Radiation and Reason (YPD Books). He has no ties to the nuclear

Dave Neil
DOE-ID Lessons Learned Coordinator

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.  - George

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