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Well stated Shane. Franz should also be advised that it is not nuclear weapons that kill people; people kill people and the bad guys who would use such weaponry against the USA are still out there.

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I don't understand why my original commentary elicited your response below.

I had expressed no opinion in it about banning nukes, one way or the other.

What I tried to express, though perhaps not clearly enough, is simply that...

#1 - Most of the public thinks learning how to prepare to survive 
nukes is futile.

#2 - This is false, as there is much people can be taught and learn to try to
do to avoid becoming additional casualties of a nuclear explosion & fallout.

#3 - Many could then perish needlessly for lack of having learned how to avoid
blast damage via "duck & cover" and, later, radiation injuries from 
fallout via
effective evacuation and effective fallout sheltering-in-place strategies.

#4 - The disarmament movement is largely responsible for this tragic public
perception that it would be futile and a waste of time to try and 
learn how to.

#5 - They have for decades ridiculed all who would suggest that there are some
things people could learn to do, and should be taught, to minimize 
their risks.

I can only assume that was done to further their agenda, but tragically, until
the day there are no more nukes, people are now more vulnerable and less
likely to survive them if/when one, or more, were unleashed, be it 
via terrorist,
rogue nation, or state sponsored purposely or even if totally by accident.

That'll be a tragic irony of 'unintended consequences' from a movement whose
members I assume are largely sincere in wanting to save lives from the threat
of nukes. It'll likely be an 'inconvenient truth' few of them will be 
proud of later.

As far as who pays me, I do, and take full responsibility and proudly stand
behind my convictions. If you really wanted to know, you could have poked
around my web site link I'd provided there under my name. There's over a
decade of 600+ pages there supporting the 'crazy notion' that a trained and
prepared public will better survive future nuke threats, at least for 
as long as
there are any still around.

Shane Connor


Thanks to deliver your message to RADSAFE. It makes clear that a few people
in the USA (though I categorilly deny that your opinion is representative
for the USA!!!!!) have still not recognized that the Cold War is over.

Most people are happy that this constant threat of nuclear extinction has
been eliminated - except those who make a living of this.

To keep this message short: I have been on several committees on the
prevention of nuclear harm in Austria, international committees like IAEA,
WHO and therefore I dare say, that banning nukes would be the most positive
input in history.

On whose payroll you are or who pays you for this comment?


Franz Schoenhofer, PhD
MinRat i.R.
Habicherg. 31/7
A-1160 Wien/Vienna

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