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Jaro Franta wrote:

>Thanks for the common sense Gary -- much appreciated !
>PS. You might have added something about why operation ALSOS & related were
>important, several decades ago.....
> Jaro
>U.S. Can't Ignore Iran's Genocidal Incitement
>Irwin Cotler (Atlanta Journal Constitution)
>The enduring lesson of the Holocaust and that of the genocides that followed
>is that they occurred not simply because of the machinery of death, but
>because of state-sanctioned incitement to hatred. As international tribunals
>have recognized, the Holocaust did not begin in the gas chambers; it began
>with words. Ahmadinejad's Iran is increasingly resorting to incendiary and
>demonizing language, including metaphors reminiscent of Nazi and Rwandan
>provocation. As minister of justice in Canada and involved in the
>prosecution of Rwandan incitement, I believe the precursors of provocation
>in Iran are more threatening than were those in Rwanda.
>President Barack Obama has made the important connection between Iran as the
>world's leading state sponsor of terrorism, Iran as an inciter of hate and
>genocide against Israel, and Iran as an illegally developing nuclear power.
>As a state party to the Genocide Convention, the U.S. has not only the
>option but the obligation to take action to prevent genocide. A careful
>review of the evidence recently led a group of over 40 eminent international
>jurists, including former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise
>Arbour, to conclude that Iran should be held to account for its hateful
>incitement to genocide, as prohibited under international law.
>Diplomacy targeted solely at Iran's nuclear threat mistakenly ignores the
>terrifying and vilifying context in which that threat operates and,
>inadvertently, sanitizes the provocation to genocide. When Obama engages
>Iran directly, it is crucial that the illegal incitement to genocide so
>pervasive in Ahmadinejad's Iran not be swept under the rug. 
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>Not everyone who wants a weapon ought to have one.  That is clear no matter
>how you look 
>at it - morally, legally, practically, or whatever.  Of all the states
>involved in the Middle East, 
>one has publicly and repeatedly promised that another will be "wiped out
>from the map."  One 
>has for decades actively supported terrorist groups.  That's not a huge
>recommendation for 
>possessing the most powerful weapons on the planet.
>This is not a complicated issue, and there is only one view that counts: do
>you like breathing 
>or are you willing to give that up permanently?  When some person says they
>want to kill you, 
>and they are actively reaching for a gun (in fact, a bigger gun since in
>this case they are 
>already working overtime to kill you with the weapons they already have),
>then you need a 
>good plan for staying alive.  Doing nothing just doesn't sound like a good
>plan to me.
>-Gary Isenhower
>On 15 Aug 2010 at 13:44, Demetrios Okkalides wrote:
>My remark referred to a reality not to a moral view. That is why, as much as
>I would hate to see an Iran with a nuclear weapon which could threaten
>Europe, I still see their point of view. It is this principle of nuclear
>deterrence that drives them since now they feel vulnerable against Israel or
>the US. If things come to that, they know that they can not deter a possible
>nuclear attack.

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