[ RadSafe ] "Countdown to Zero" disarmament movie

Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Sun Aug 15 21:17:08 CDT 2010

Aug. 15

         The Europeans can fight their own battles.  Iran poses no 
threat to the United States.

Steven Dapra

At 04:44 AM 8/15/2010, Demetrios Okkalides wrote:
>Of course. The US had to use everything at its disposal to win the war and
>the first obligation of any president is to his own people.
>My remark referred to a reality not to a moral view. That is why, as much as
>I would hate to see an Iran with a nuclear weapon which could threaten
>Europe, I still see their point of view. It is this principle of nuclear
>deterrence that drives them since now they feel vulnerable against Israel or
>the US. If things come to that, they know that they can not deter a possible
>nuclear attack.
>I quite agree with your "bottom line". The nukes are here to stay and it is
>up to all of us to make them as safe as possible since they are necessary
>for the well being of modern societies. The solution to  humanity's problems
>does not lie in the past but in the future with new, better, safer
>technology. Of course there will be risks but we have to deal with them.
>Demetrios Okkalides
>THEAGENEION Anticancer Hospital


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