[ RadSafe ] cesium 137 check source rate

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I don't think there is any regulatory requirement for an exempt source to be
so marked. And AFAIK, this is not a common practice.
Also, the concept of "exempt" source is only applicable if the source has
been issued by a license holder with a general distribution license to a
non-license holder. 
If you hold a license, then the source is (AFAIK) no longer "exempt" in so
far as you are required to safeguard it and may not dispose of it

At least, this is my understanding. Correct me if I am wrong......

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If it is an exempt source, which it certainly sounds like it is, the label
will state this fact.  Furthermore, if Mr. Vance does not have a radioactive
materials license, there is no way he could have legally obtained this
source unless it were exempt. Since exempt, 10 microcurie Cs-137 sources are
plentiful and readily obtainable by anyone, whether a licensee or not, the
growth potential for a black market in non-exempt sources of this type would
seem to be rather limited.  It is therefore highly unlikely that the source
is not exempt.

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