[ RadSafe ] "... authority for the construction of dangerous and dirty new nuclear reactors ..."

Maury Siskel maurysis at peoplepc.com
Fri Dec 10 02:46:58 CST 2010

Dear Radsafers,
If you are so inclined, you might express your political opinion to your 
senators along the lines I've suggested below. This political issue 
poses a scientific issue every bit as much as a political one -- thus 
the only rationale for posting my letter on radsafe. The issue below 
relates, I think, to the license renewal application for the Calvert 
Cliffs plant in Maryland.
Best regards,
Maury&Dog [MaurySiskel  maurysis at peoplepc.com]
Dear Senator,

"I have just learned that the House version of the Continuing Resolution 
includes another $7 Billion in loan authority for the construction of 
dangerous and dirty new nuclear reactors in the U.S. This would be 
appropriated through the Title 17 loan guarantee program via the 
upcoming Continuing Resolution."

The above quote is the claim of some anti-nuclear organizations. I am 
pleased  that the House passed this resolution. I believe the $7 billion 
is for a loan guarantee  -- not for a loan.

I believe the Congress should  promote all forms of energy production. 
Nuclear power in particular is about as clean as one might ask. I 
believe it could be the least costly if opponents would stop using the 
courts to delay and otherwise increase artificially the cost of 
producing electricity by means of nuclear power.

I hope you will  promote initially a freeze on any increase in federal 
appropriations. Subsequently, I hope you will promote at least a small 
percentage cut across the board on all federal spending. These measures 
could begin the process of reducing our fantastic debt

Maury Siskel

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