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I still like my idea of putting the spent fuel in dry cask storage, in a
wide belt around the gold repository at Fort Knox.  No security issues,
no nearby neighbors to worry about, easy to retrieve once we start

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Nuclear Today, Nuclear Tomorrow, Nuclear Forever. Yes Fusion will be a
far better mode of making energy, but Fission is here right NOW and not
a Pie in the Sky idea! If we want the USA to go Green, we must include
Nuclear because neither Solar nor Wind Power (outside of the US Congress
and the Bureaucrats in Washington DC)  will replace Coal in the
foreseeable future. Nothing I know of can replace coal except Nuclear. 
I do agree we need to solve the High level waste issues, but the US was
somewhat on track @ Yucca Mtn until we got derailed by Environmental
Whackos. I have been to Yucca Mtn in the past and I cannot think of a
better place to put High Level Waste. I would have no problem living
next door nor even being a Resident Farmer (RESRAD terminology) next
door to Yucca Mtn. If we want to entertain a terrestrial High Level
Waste site but not Yucca Mtn, then we will never solve the RAM Waste
Issue(s) on any level.
Robert Young
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